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Altcoin Mining Pool for GPU and ASIC

In addition to Dogecoin there are 14 other Scrypt coins offered, and if you want to change to something other than Scrypt algorithm there are 10 other algorithms being mined on Aikapool. There are no withdrawal fees when the minimum thresholds are met and autopay is used. One other nice feature is the support for merged mining. This means you could mine Litecoin and also mine Dogecoin at the same time without any loss of hashing power.

You can start your crypto journey using SBP for as little as INR 10. With another exciting feature called Crypto Basket, you can diversify your crypto portfolio based on market capitalisation or Volume. These two excellent features make Unocoin the best cryptocurrency platform.

How can I get Dogecoin otherwise? Buying and trading

If you do not have a Dogecoin wallet yet, now is the time to download it and set up your wallet. Dogecoin offers official wallets, but other wallets that provide Dogecoin storage also work. The Internet is full of different mining pools– it’s better to choose well-established websites that have a good reputation. Also, you should mind the fees imposed because they can differ dramatically. As soon as you register on a website, you need to create a ‘worker’ by giving it login and password.

  • As a result, Litecoin miners could now obtain an additional cryptocurrency for their efforts while providing the same amount of hashpower as before.
  • Depending on the mining pool you choose, this might not be mandatory.
  • Similar to Litecoin, Dogecoin uses the Scrypt hashing algorithm.
  • The current reward for mining dogecoin is 10,000 DOGE, which was last updated in February 2018.
  • You make a shortcut to your desktop and then you start the wallet software.

As i mentioned, CPU mining is not worth it, so I’ll talk about GPU mining. While you have two options, Nvidia or AMD, the actual list of choices is much larger. Both team green and team red have multiple excellent GPUs that you can use for mining. You have a couple of options for the mining software, but the one you’ll use will depend on the GPU you have installed. For the first time miners, I would recommend going for EasyMiner as it is one of the most-user friendly options. As an alternative, you have CGminer or CuraMinder, developed to work optimally with Nvidia GPUs.

Top 10 Most Iconic Doge Memes

It is also important to know that mining cryptocurrencies with your laptop will not make you rich. And even in this case, you need to calculate the material and electricity cost before start mining. That’s all, it is quite simple to mine dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. I say this because I am mining Monero with xmrig and supportXml pool and I am mining Dogecoin with xmrig and Unmineable pool. And it seems that the rewards of supportXml are much more frequent than Unmineable.

  • The cryptocurrency Dogecoin hit an all-time price high this week, surpassing 10 cents and sending its Reddit community into a meme frenzy.
  • The average block time of dogecoin is set at 1-minute intervals to support rapid confirmations of transactions.
  • There can be no assurance that use of the Services will provide a positive return or profit, that significant losses will not be incurred, or that your objectives will be achieved.
  • It can be hard to work out if a cloud mining contract is a good value for money.

However, there are some aspects and risks to consider when it comes to mining not only Dogecoin but any other cryptocurrency. It gives users anonymity, and it’s very accessible and versatile – it only takes a few minutes to trade and transfer Bitcoin or any other crypto. If you’re sold on the idea of profiting from cryptocurrencies, check the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in 2023 and get ready. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so it’s very common to see Bitcoin prices fluctuate over 10% in a single day.

How do I start a Dogecoin mining pool?

We fact-check every single statistic, quote and fact using trusted primary resources to make sure the information we provide is correct. You can learn more about GOBankingRates’ processes and standards in our editorial policy. To reduce electricity costs, you may want to consider using solar power or another clean, affordable energy source to power your mining computer. Make sure to have the proper cooling systems in place, as mining computers heat up quickly.

  • Instead, you can rent powerful hardware on the Cloud and use any cloud mining pools.
  • With my expertise, I strive to provide informative and insightful articles that help my readers stay up-to-date on the latest trends and issues in these dynamic fields.
  • It is recommended that the location where ASIC miners and the computer used to control them are housed has proper ventilation and can be cooled down easily.
  • A CPU with a hash rate of 20 kH/s and a power consumption of 100 Watts is required to earn a Dogecoin in approximately 1,325 days, according to the Dogecoin Mining Calculator.
  • Here you can view a list of the top 5 Dogecoin mining pools.
  • Cloud mining for Dogecoin is simple and inexpensive, but it may also be risky.

Another great fact about Dogecoin is that you can mine it all together with Litecoin, which is a stable coin with a significant role in the altcoin market. Mining them both at the same time could only increase your income. Users will discover many overlapping mining operations for both coins.


Dogecoin is 1 million times easier to mine than Bitcoin. Even so the ones who make a huge profit mining cryptocurrency have entire rigs dedicated to mining. So although you may profit somewhat, don’t expect to become the next Dogecoin millionaire through mining unless you’ve invested in a good rig.

how to mine dogecoin

You don’t want to accidentally mine some other coin to your Dogecoin wallet (or vice versa if you choose to get paid in non-DOGE). One of the good things about mining with ASICs is that you don’t have to download and configure mining software. Most ASICs these days come with software built-in so you can get mining faster. If you’re still determined to mine DOGE, another thing you’ll need is a Dogecoin wallet to send your mining profits, too. While ASICs can be pricey, they are pretty much a must have if you actually want to turn a decent profit and not just mine for fun. Your best bet is probably the Bitmain Antminer L3++, which has a good combination of high hashrate, moderate power consumption, and relatively affordable price.

However, Dogecoin uses Scrypt as its base cryptography, whereas Bitcoin used SHA-256. The site gives refreshed data on the square price, conversion standard, network trouble, and dogecoin’s present cost. You should simply enter your hash rate, power, cost, mining pool charges and equipment cost and the number cruncher will produce results.

Can Dogecoin be mined on phone?

When you start mining Dogecoins, you will be rewarded with a block of Dogecoin crypto, and to avail of that reward, it is important to have a DOGE wallet. So, you need to download the application of Dogecoin available for iOS and Android, or you can also signup on their official website.

In contrast to GPUs and CPUs, ASICs are far more specialized and costly, and therefore more challenging to set up. But because ASICs are specifically created to hash very well, ASIC mining is the most efficient method to mine Dogecoin. Dogecoin CPU mining is the practice of running hashing software on a personal computer without a GPU.

However, it only uses them if the transactions were generated by the bot itself; in this way, we can be sure that the transaction won’t be double-spent. However, transaction malleability is still an issue for unconfirmed transactions, even if they are generated by the bot. – Enter your address to get free Dogecoin. You can also get Dogecoin by participating in our community.

Litecoinpool is one of the oldest active cryptocurrency pools. As you can learn from the name, its main purpose is Litecoin mining. We already know that both Litecoin and Dogecoin rely on the Scrypt function. It makes the merged-mining of Litecoin and Dogecoin possible.

Here, they get rewarded with the newly minted Dogecoin tokens. You need to keep in mind that each hash is generated randomly, making this difficult for miners. To do that, you will need to figure out the hash rate of your mining rig and determine if the profit from the rewards will cover your initial and monthly costs. As with other ‘Proof-of-Work’ cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin miners compete in a race to confirm blocks of transactions on the network.

February 21, 2023
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